Welcome to Coir Importers Australia


Although our background is predominately potting mixes to the horticulture industry we are always searching for new ideas related with what we do.


The old school method of potting mixes was to blend bark, sawdust, sand and simply add a portion of cow manure, while this may have produced a reasonable result it was like anything else, not economical or the mix had ph. drift, nitrogen drawdown issues and even disease issues which could affect a nurseryman’s livelihood which reflected back to the suppliers composting methods.


While these mixes were perfected with the aid of synthetic and slow release fertilisers the next hurdle was whether or not we had to address the effect of climate change and its effect to the way we not only grow plants and crops but how to grow plants and crops in changing weather patterns.


Longer dry periods caused a demand for more water and this has and will always be an issue for the entire industry. Unpredictable flash flooding creating huge crop losses and leaching of soil and nutrients for broadacre farms which also has severe impacts on the grower and the environment.


The 21st Century

Think smarter, market long term quality products, staying competitive for the farmer and nurseryman and try to combat climate change as well.


Whilst our core business is Susan River Potting Mixes I always keep an open mind on innovative ideas and since 2004 we began utilising coir into some of the mixes we supply.


Today practically all our mixes have a percentage of coir in them and some are 100% coir pith and chip. We have imported for many years and are quite happy with the quality of our suppliers.


Recently we became involved in greenhouse grow beds and bags and we can import full containers direct from the exporter to the end user which can save a considerable amount of money for the growers or they can buy individual pallets.


Coir Importers Australia’s buying power means we can search for the most competitive price from any exporters that deal in quality horticultural grade coir.


Another innovative idea is the greenhouse grow beds which can be manufactured to the customers personal requirements or they can choose from over 90 hole variations to suit all plants or vegetables.


We have an agronomist on board to assist with all grower questions and can arrange onsite discussions also.


This website will be updated monthly as more information and product upgrades come to hand. We have recently purchased a coir block hydration unit and once it arrives we will post information and pictures of this technology also.


Send any questions you may have on greenhouse grow beds or 1 litre to 20 litre coir block grow bags or even larger custom bags to paul@susanriverpottingmixes.com.au or please feel free to call Paul on 0419 408 996.